Wiser’s 18 YO

J.P. Wiser’s produces Canadian whisky:

Immigrant farmers of Irish and Scottish heritage developed Canadian whisky in the late 18th century. Without the means for traditional processing, alternative distilling practices were incorporated to give Canadian whisky its individual, characteristic flavour. Produced on the basis of cereal grains, the dominant, base ingredient is typically corn, with rye, wheat and barley being used as blending agents to produce a distinctive flavour. The actual recipe of a brand, in particular the portion of each of the cereal grains used, is what characterizes the whisky and sets it apart from its contemporaries.

Todays whisky is Wiser’s 18 YO Limited release bottled at 40 ABV. This is what they say about the whisky:

J.P. Wiser’s award-winning Canadian whiskies are known for being blended with exacting care and aged to perfection. A testament to this, J.P. Wiser’s 18 Years Old whisky is a premium Canadian whisky that yields its best flavours when sipped straight, over ice, or with a small amount of water.

I chose to taste it straight and with ice. Let us see what I think:

Straight: Perfume and flowers on the nose. Lilies and burnt caramel. Maybe a hint of acetone? Smooth on palate at first sip with hint of vanilla. Then perfume, burnt caramel, white pepper – and it is watery. The finish is dominated by oak and burnt oak. Just a hint of perfume. Quite watery and it disappears quickly.

With ice: Fresh on the nose. Lime and eucalyptus. The perfume is still present even though the ice does a good job hiding it. Hmmm… The ice did not improve the taste. I found the perfume dominates even more with ice actually, both taste and finish. The ice covers the oak and I cannot really find anything more happening on the palate.

Overall score: nose 17 / taste 17 / finish 17 / balance 18 = 69

Thanks, Crystal!

– Tone

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