I decided to give whisky a try at Tunsberg Whisky Festival in May 2011. Until then I had only tasted a few whiskies and only found a couple I really liked; Balvenie 21 YO Port Wood and Macallan Ping 3.

It took a while before I really appreciated whisky, and even longer before I broke through the wall of peat and smoke. The breakthrough happened in April 2012, during Easter. After two evenings tasting twelve different Laphroaigs I could finally nose and taste the differences, not just the peat and smoke (which I really did not like before that Easter).

From February 2013 I have been blogging about whisky – first on Whisky Saga. After The Ladies’ Share was established 1 September 2013 I have been blogging on The Ladies’ Share. I hope you are enjoying the blog posts!

– Tone

Tasting Highland Park at Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival 2015.