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At our last meeting for The Ladies’ Share we arranged a blind tasting! Really exciting. I was happy to recognize my own whisky and I guessed the correct distillery for one of the other whiskies, but the rest was not easy at all. I will give you a summary of the tasting in a later article.

Today I will share my tasting notes on one of the whiskies from that day: Stack, which is a (quite) new release from anCnoc Distillery. This is a Limited edition launched at Whisky Live Paris 24 September 2016. Stack is matured in bourbon casks. The outturn was 6000 bottles at 46 ABV. This is what they say about it:

Stack joins sister expressions Peatlands, Tushkar, Rutter, Flaughter, Cutter and Rascan in the award winning range carrying the names of traditional peat cutting tools, referencing the heritage within whisky making and bringing it into the modern day. The term ‘stack’ refers to the last step in the gathering process, where the peat blocks are stored together to dry ahead of being burnt.

Unfortunately it is not available in Norway, but one of the Ladies bought it in Sweden.

Very fresh on the nose. I get citrus and pears. The smoke is quite gentle. Dusty and some orange zest. Fresh and rich on the palate as well. A bit crispy, like green apples. Still the smoke is quite gentle and well integrated. I get pears and grapes. The finish lingers with a rich taste of green apples and lemon. It ends a bit dry.

My score: nose 22 / taste 23 / finish 22 / balance 22 = 89

– Tone

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