Cadenhead Creations 20 YO Light Fruity Smoky Batch #1

Last week I wrote about Cadenhead Creations 18 YO Light Creamy Vanilla. Today I am tasting another whisky from the independent bottler Cadenhead, another one from their series Cadenhead Creations.

Today it is time for the 20 YO Light Fruity Smoky Batch #1. You can read the details about the whisky here. It was distilled in 1997 and then matured in bourbon hogsheads until bottled in 2017 at 45,2 ABV.

The whisky is available in Norway at NOK 1195.

Fresh on the nose. Green, crispy apples. Green grapes. Mint and eucalyptus. Very green and elegant! The smoke is hiding in the background. Definitely green apples on the palate! Ginger leaves a nice fizz on the tongue. Still green grapes. I get some white pepper and cardamom as well. The finish leaves the palate with a layer of wax. Warm and sweet. Vanilla, fudge and green apples.

My score: nose 23 / taste 22 / finish 22 / balance 22 = 89

Thanks, Ivar and Jon!

Image from Whisky Auctioneer.


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