Cask samples from Agitator Whisky

Agitator Whisky is a new Swedish distillery. They do some things a bit different than other distilleries with vacuum distillation and reinforced casks. You can read about here – in Swedish, though.

I have tasted two cask samples from 13 February 2020, both distilled 2018, 13 months old and watered down to 46 ABV:

1. “House malt”, the spirit is a mix from the two types of spirit stills they have

Dusty and oaky on the nose. Like walking into an old warehouse. Citrusy after nosing it for a while. A hint of Hubba Bubba. Cold. Eucalyptus. Spicy on the palate. Peppery. A soft and smooth finish. A bit thin. A balanced, decent dram. My score is around 83.

2. “Peat malt”, the spirit is from the low, fat spirit still

A bit sour on the nose at first. I get wet wood on the beach. The peaty note is from a bonfire made of wet wood on the beach. A bit sour on the palate as well. The peat is hiding. The finish is dry with som spices. It appears to be young and unfinished (which it is, of course, since it is only 13 months old). My score is around 76.

Thanks, Oskar & Christian!


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