Cinderella Whisky Fair 2019

Algot and Marcus from Spirit of Hven, and myself.

Going back to The Cinderella Whisky Fair for the sixth time, I was wise enough to book two sailings! Ah, lovely! I have not done that since my very first time, but I can highly recommend it. Now I could relax and enjoy myself without hurrying around to visit all stands in just seven hours…as is the number of the hours the fair is open during one sailing.

You see, the fair is on the boat Cinderella which sails from Stockholm to Åland and back again. As the fair is located on car deck, the boat is not allowed to sail when the fair is open. So, the opening hours are 6pm-10pm the day you board, then Cinderella do her sailing during the night (while you sleep…or enjoy more whiskies in the bar), before the fair is open again 11am-2pm. Even though I did two sailings this year, I needed to deboard when the doors opened at 3pm, just to board again two hours later…it was worth it!

During my two cruises I had the pleasure of tasting whiskies from these destilleries (listed in the order I tasted them):

  • Spirit of Hven (Hvenus, Mizar and Alcor)

  • High Coast Distillery (Archipelago 2019)

  • Maker’s Mark (101 Proof)

  • Teerenpeli (SAVU – the regular one & the one bottled at cask strength & one more)

  • Old Pulteney (10 YO Traveller’s Exclusive, Huddart & one more)

  • The Helsinki Distilling Company (three different rye whiskies)

  • BenRiach (10 YO triple distilled)

  • West Cork (a new, to me, Irish whiskey – tasted the 12 YO with a Rum Cask Finish)

  • Kilchoman (Port Cask Matured, Volume 1 Madeira Cask Finish & Volume 2 Madeira Cask Finish)

  • Kavalan (Sherry Matured at 46 ABV)

  • Springbank (Single Cask 11 YO)

  • Bowmore (Small Batch Bourbon Matured)

  • Kyrö (Single Malt Rye Whisky & one more)

  • Teeling (Brabazon Bottling)

  • Annandale (new (old) Scottish distillery – tasted every product!)

  • Glenfiddich (Fire & Cane)

  • Cragganmore from The Boutique-y Whisky Company

  • Bruichladdich (the new Port Charlotte and Octomore 09.2)

Some of the whiskies I tasted!

Well, after listing up all these whiskies it feels a bit awkward to say what I am about to say: On this journey my priority was spending time with all the lovely whisky people instead of tasting whiskies 😀 Well, I did spend more time talking then drinking 🙂 Thanks to all the people spending time with me, explaining and sharing the story about their distilleries, their whiskies and their philosophy. I love talking to all of you knowledgeable women and men!

Some of the people I met! From top left: James (Kilchoman), Mark and James (Annandale), Stewart (BenRiach), Jari (Teerenpeli), James (Annandale) and Roger (High Coast), Mikko and Seamus (The Helsinki Distilling Company), Claire (The Boutique-y Whisky Company), Karl (Enjoy Wine & Spirits) and Mark (Inver House Distillers).

I have shared a few words and pictures from the previous fairs as well, read about 2018, 2017 and 2016!

I sure hope to be back again next year!

– Tone

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