Glenfiddich Project XX

I have already tried the new Glenfiddich Project XX at two different tastings and I must say this was a nice surprise from Glenfiddich.

The name XX should be read as “twenty”. You might think the name indicate the age, but that is not the case. Twenty global ambassadors were sent in the warehouses of Glenfiddich to choose one cask each. They were not told what the casks would be used for. Then the master blender decided how much to blend from each of the casks. He had 17 bourbon casks, 2 sherry cask and 1 port pipe at his hand. The whisky is bottled with a no age statement at 47 ABV.

The whisky will be available in Norway in November 2016. I do not know at which price.

The result of the master blenders work:

Smooth and delicate on the nose. A hint of smoke. Fruity with pears and apples. Very salt on the palate! Caramel, fruity, apples and white pepper. A hint of smoke here as well. I was told the ppm level is about 5, which means I should not really get any smoke. I suppose the feeling of smoke mostly is from the casks. The finish is spicy, smooth and warm. Vanilla and cardamom. I find this to be a well balanced whisky.

My score: nose 21 / taste 21 / finish 21 / balance 22 = 85

– Tone

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