Hälge The Famous Moose

Another whisky from the December meeting for The Ladies’ Share! It is time for Hälge The Famous Moose 🙂 The Lady who owns the bottle bought it mostly because of the name and the label. Let us see if the content is as nice as the outside of the bottle. This is my second time tasting it.

Hälge The Famous Moose is a Scottish blend bottled for Sweden. It is bottled at 40 ABV. Hälge is available in Sweden at SEK 271 for 70 cl or SEK 140 for 35 cl. According to the Swedish magazine “Allt om Whisky” Hälge is very popular all over Sweden, especially in the countryside.

Salty and woody on the nose. One of the Ladies think it smells like cactus. I get washing powder, salt, sea and pines. Quite sharp and very salty on the palate. One of the other Ladies think it tastes like apple cider vinegar mixed with water. The finish is metallic and salty. Not much happening, really. It (luckily) disappears very quickly.

To sum this up: It reminds us of thin juice. Or water with some flavoring.

We used it for making Orange Mint Julep – with great success.

My score: nose 18 / taste 15 / finish 15 / balance 15 = 63

– Tone

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