Hazelburn 10 YO

Springbank Distillery is the only distillery in Scotland to do 100 percent of the production process on one site. produces three different kinds of whiskies, or more correct: three different peat levels: Longrow is heavily peated, Springbank is medium peated, and Hazelburn is unpeated.

This is what they say about Hazelburn:

Having first been distilled in 1997, Hazelburn is the newest whisky to be produced here. By using malt that is air dried only and distilling the whisky three times in our old copper stills, we achieve a spirit that is light, fruity and subtle. Like Longrow, Hazelburn is named after one of the distilleries of Campbeltown’s past. It is available in 10 and 12yo expressions.

Springbank Distillery has released a new Hazelburn 10 YO which is available in Norway at NOK 775. 46 ABV.

I have recently shared my tasting notes on Longrow CV. Here is what I think of Hazelburn 10 YO:

It appears to be quite young on the nose. There is a lot of malt and the alcohol is prominent. I get licorice and a hint of vanilla. Plain on the palate. Salty and oaky. White pepper and other spices gives it some warmth. Dry on the finish. Oak and peanut shells. It leaves the palate feeling oily.

My score: nose 19 / taste 20 / finish 20 / balance 20 = 79

– Tone

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