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Two Highland Park tastings in one week? Yes, please! First a tasting at Dr. Jekyll’s Pub with Martin Markvardsen on a Wednesday (read about it here), and then our own tasting on a Friday. This was a surely a nice week back in August 2017 πŸ™‚ It made us think back on our own tasting with Martin Markvardsen a couple of years ago!

The whiskies on the menu this Friday evening i August:

  1. Highland Park Einar 40 ABV (tasting notes will follow)
  2. Highland Park Odin 16 YO 55,8 ABV (tasting notes will follow)
  3. Highland Park 2003 9 YO Gordon & MacPhail 57,8 ABV
  4. Highland Park 4.164 Muddy Tractor SMWS 62 ABV
  5. Highland Park Dr. Jekyll’s Expression 59,8 ABV (my review)
  6. Highland Park Cask Strength 57,5 ABV

We chose to taste Odin early in this line-up to fully enjoy it πŸ™‚ It turned out to be a wise decision. It worked very well tasting Odin before the two first-fill bourbon bottlings. Maybe placing the Cask Strength as the last one was not fair to the Cask Strength itself, but we could not think of a better order.

This was certainly a lovely line-up for the Ladies who love Highland Park in general AND high ABV whiskies!

– Tone

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