Johnnie Walker Platinum Label 18 YO

When The Ladies’ Share met for the last time before Summer we had kind of a battle between the whiskies in the line-up. We had six whiskies from three different distilleries. One of them was Johnnie Walker. Today I will share my tasting notes on the Platinum Label 18 YO and you will have to wait till Sunday before I reveal my tasting notes on the Black Label 12 YO. Then you will know which one won the battle.

I have already written reviews of Red Label, Blue Label (in Norwegian) and The Spice Road.

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label 18 YO is a blend bottled at 40 ABV. It is available in Norway at NOK 799,90.

It starts off very, very sweet on the nose with a lot of vanilla and vanilla sugar. A bit of orange as well. Smooth – and sweet. Still sweet on the palate. Vanilla sugar and fugde. Some spices and oranges. Not very complex, but still nice. The finish is oily and sweet at first. Then it turned dry with the taste of ashes. We agreed on this being a balanced and easy-drinking whisky and it does not challenge you in any way.

My score: nose 21 / taste 22 / finish 20 / balance 21 = 84

– Tone

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