Smögen 2011 Single Cask Edition No. 6 Rum Finish #56/2011

Smögen Distillery is located on the West coast of Sweden.

I have reviewed Single Cask Edition No. 5 (read here). Today it is time for Single Cask Edition No. 6. This whisky was originally matured in a bourbon barrel from Maker’s Mark, just like Single Cask Edition No. 7, but due to leakage the whisky in bourbon barrel #56/2011 was moved to a barrel which had held rum! The whisky was given a finish of 4,5 months in that barrel before bottled into 288 bottles at 62,4 ABV.

Oak and fudge on the nose. The peat is hiding. There is a maltiness here with some mint and citrus. Oak and peat on the palate. Vanilla and fudge, and a hint of malt. A mix of mango and melon. Rich and lots of peat! The finish is fruity and nutty. Pineapple, honey melon and ginger. I get some malt here as well.

My score: nose 21 / taste 21 / finish 22 / balance 21 = 85


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