Super tasting for The Ladies’ Share

Last Friday The Ladies’ Share arranged our Summer meeting; our own Super Tasting! Quite the opposite to our Christmas tasting… 😉 The idea was to bring a whisky we truly like, without regard to price, age or availability.

Six Ladies brought one of their favorite whiskies, and the hostess prepared a blind tasting of these gems:

I have tasted my own whisky many, many times, but even so I did not recognize it… But: When I nosed mine, I exclaimed: I would like to own this! Lucky me 😉 My own whisky turned out to be my favorite this evening, closely followed by Highland Park ICE and Mortlach from Cadenhead.

Some of the Ladies brought extra whiskies as well, and we got the chance to taste Arran Millennium Casks, Ardbeg 17 YO, Highland Park Odin and The Glenlivet Archive after our tasting. I was really impressed by Arran Millennium Casks!

Wow, what a great evening. I am looking forward to new meetings and new themes this Autumn.

– Tone

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