Talisker 18 YO

Time to write about a well known whisky from the isle of Skye. Today it is time to explore Talisker 18 YO. I have the 10 YO at home and I find that to be a really good whisky. It has been a while since I tasted the 18 YO, so I am looking forward to this. I have poured them both and are ready to do some compairing as well.

Talisker 18 YO is bottled at the usual (for Talisker) 45,8 ABV. I just realized it is not available in Norway.

Sweet and woody. The peat is more obvious on the nose than I expected from a Talisker. It is more dry than the 10 YO (which I actually find to be very sweet today). Woody notes like eucalyptus and resin. Not as rich on the nose as the 10 YO. Vanilla and peat on the palate with some woody notes. Warm and dry with spices like black pepper and nutmeg. Something fruity and metallic appears when the glass is almost empty. It reminds me of hard candy in a metallic box. Salt, black pepper and peat in the end. Some nut shells. The finish disappears more quickly than the 10 YO. Hmmm… this is strange. I expected the 18 YO to better than the 10 YO. Why? Well, I have no other reason than the often wrong assumption of an older whisky being better than a younger one.

My score: nose 21 / taste 22 / finish 21 / balance 21 = 85

It was interesting to taste the 10 YO again. My review is a couple of years old, but it is still relevant for what I taste today.

Thanks, Bennie!

– Tone

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