Tasting bottlings for Dr. Jekyll’s Pub and The Tasting Room

Last week there was a very special tasting at Dr. Jekyll’s Pub in Oslo: A battle between whiskies bottled for Dr. Jekyll’s Pub and for The Tasting Room in Bergen.

Representing the two bars were Tommy Almåsbakk for Dr. Jekyll’s and Frode Harring for The Tasting Room. Tommy and Frode entered the scene looking like boxers entering the ring 🙂 They sure did their best to promote their own whiskies. Tommy had even managed to get a greeting from the three distilleries he presented!

We voted for the best whisky in each round and here are the whiskies:

First round:

Second round:

  • Dr. Jekyll’s Expression of Glengoyne 1993 16 YO, Oloroso sherry hogshead #899, 53,9 ABV, 226 bottles
  • BenRiach bottled for The Tasting Room 1995 19 YO, port hogshead #3616, 53,7 ABV, 250 bottles
  • Winner: Dr. Jekyll’s Pub!

Third round:

  • Macallan bottled by Adelphi for Whisky-Meet 2014 (The Tasting Room) 1988 25 YO, refill sherry #13931, 52,5 ABV, 108 bottles
  • Dr. Jekyll’s Expression of Laphroaig 2012 7 YO, first-fill bourbon for 4 years and then Pedro Ximénex sherry hogshead for 3 years, 54,5 ABV, 300 bottles
  • Winner: Dr. Jekyll’s Pub!

Overall winner: Dr. Jekyll’s Pub, but both bars have chosen some lovely whiskies for us to enjoy.

Sebastian Rönnebring announcing Tommy as the winner!

Thanks for a funny and delicious tasting!

– Tone

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