Teacher’s Highland Cream

Last Friday we had a work gathering and one of my colleagues brought Teacher’s Highland Cream. I had not tasted it before and was looking forward to try it.

Teacher’s Highland Cream has a 45 percent malt content, with a lot of smoky malt whisky from Ardmore distillery. In total more than 30 different malt whiskies are combined in its recipe, together with 5-6 different grain whiskies. Bottled at 40 ABV.

The whisky is available in Norway at NOK 329,90.

Surprisingly complex nose. It started out very sweet. I got a lot of malt, vanilla and white pepper. With the help of a colleague I found pine. Then the sweetness changed towards spices like nutmeg and licorice (cough medicine like Cosylan). Smooth and easy drinking on the palate. Sweet with vanilla, malt and fudge. Some spiciness here as well. The finish was quite watery and simple. Malt, wood and white pepper. Not a complex dram, but certainly not bad either.

My score: nose 19 / taste 20 / finish 19 / balance 20 = 78

Thanks, Mats!

– Tone

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