The Ladies’ Share – blind tasting online

Wow! The club is so lucky to have creative Ladies! Marte and Thea created a great concept for our online tastings until we can meet at each others homes again:

  • We planned for four online tastings with these topics:
    • Not from Scotland, but from …
    • Different cask maturations.
    • A round trip in Scotland.
    • Global island-jumping.
  • Each of the ten Ladies “signed up” two whiskies according to the topic.
  • Each Lady sent samples of her two whiskies to all the others.
  • We taste five whiskies at each tasting.
  • Only the host knows which whiskies.
  • The tasting itself follows a strict regime with one leading the tasting and the discussion via chat is lead by another – ergo only two doing most of the talking through the tasting.
  • Some years ago we introduced what we call “a whisky while we are waiting for the tasting to begin”. We realized it always takes a while to pour the whiskies, so, it is important to have a whisky while we are waiting! Well, at this online tasting we did “open mic” during the “whisky while we are waiting” 🙂
  • When the tasting was done, it was time to enjoy and empty our glasses – and the microphone was open again.

The club has arranged three online tastings so far since our last physical meeting in September 2020.

I lead the tasting “Not from Scotland, but from …” where we tasted these whiskies:

  • Redbreast 15 YO, 46 ABV, Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, Ireland
  • Yushan Signature Bourbon Cask, 46 ABV, Nantou Distillery, Taiwan
  • Millstone Oloroso Sherry, 46 ABV, 3 YO, bottled in 2018, the Netherlands
  • Eiktyrne Toll og Holl, 51,9 ABV, 3 YO, Sauternes finish, Det norske brenneri, Norge
  • Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique, 58,5 ABV, King Car Distillery, Taiwan

We were eight Ladies this evening and each had to vote for their two favorites. Here is the result:

  1. Kavalan – seven votes
  2. Millstone and Redbreast – three votes each
  3. Yushan – two votes
  4. Eiktyrne – one vote


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