Très Vieux Cognac Lot 90 Grande Champagne ‘Vallein Tercinier’ 1990/2016

I am expanding the horizon today. I invited a friend to join me in a “whisky” tasting a couple of weeks ago. In the middle of the line-up I had hidden a Cognac!

This is a joint bottling by Malternative Belgium & Liquid Art. The name of the Cognac is Très Vieux Cognac Lot 90 Grande Champagne ‘Vallein Tercinier’. It was put into casks in 1990 and bottled in 2016. The outturn was 180 bottles at 51 ABV.

It is available online both here and here at EUR 155.

Before you read my tasting notes it is important to know I have not learnt to like Cognac – yet. I therefore give you my tasting notes without a score.

Perfume is the first thing to meet the nose – which it usually is when I nose a Cognac. I find it to be quite sharp and cold, and the alcohol is dominating at first. With a little help from my friend I find flowers, mint and Mentholatum. It smells like ginger beer after tasting it. Quite sharp on the palate as well where the taste of alcohol is prominent. It immediately feels raw and unfinished. The finish is different though. It is warm with the taste of fresh licorice and ginger.

Thanks, Bert!

Image from Liquid Art.

– Tone

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