Underbar in Oslo

A couple of weeks ago I spent a great evening at Underbar. Underbar is another lovely whisky bar in Oslo, in addition to Dr. Jekyll’s Pub and The Whisky Bar.

Unfortunately I have not spent as much time there as I want to. Underbar is the bar furthest away from where I live, which makes it more convenient to go to one of the others. I should change that habit – I would get more exercise if I walk all the way to Underbar!


Manager Micke Andersson was working this evening (as most evenings) and I had a nice chat with him. He told me Underbar has approximately 530 whiskies now. Of course they do have other spirits as well. What impressed me the most was the selection of gins: 100! That is even more than I have at home 😉


Underbar opened the doors in 2005. It is located at Aker brygge. Underbar replaced Bar 1 where Micke started working already in 1998. Bar 1 focused on cognac.

If you go to Underbar with someone not that fond of whisky or gin, the bar has a good selection of beers, and also a wider selection of wines than other whisky bars! Here you can sit down and relax in comfortable furniture with good music sounding from the speakers.

If you live in Oslo or visit Oslo I will definitely recommend a visit at Underbar!

– Tone

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