The Famous Grouse Smoky Black

Again it is time for one of the whiskies from the December meeting for The Ladies’ Share. This time a smoky expression from The Famous Grouse named Smoky Black. It is quite new as it was released in 2015. This is what they say about their whisky:

The Famous Grouse Smoky Black (previously The Black Grouse) blends more peated malt whiskies, including a rare version of Glenturret, with exceptional grain whiskies to produce a richer, lightly smoky and smooth flavour. Explore a smokier side to our Famous whisky.

Whisky from Glenturret Distillery is one of the main ingredients in The Famous Grouse. Smoky Black is a blend bottled at 40 ABV.

Immediately sour on the nose. It smells like leather, old hiking shoes and wellies. Quite earthy, like earth heated on a sunny Summer day. After a while it became more spicy. I got the spices from gingerbread dough. Watery on the palate. The peat comes through. Vanilla and burnt caramel. Warm and spicy on the finish. White pepper and cardamom. It disapperas quickly.

My score: nose 17 / taste 18 / finish 18 / balance 18 = 71

– Tone

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