I have never written an article about a whisky from Spain! This will be interesting. The distillery is Destilerías Y Crianza. It is located by the river Eresma, a bit north of Madrid. They released their first whisky, a 8 YO, in 1974. Today they have four whiskies; two blends and two single malts.

The whisky I am tasting today is DYC 10 YO bottled at 40 ABV. It has been matured in bourbon casks.

Oak on the nose. Not much happening, really. It becomes more fresh after a while with eucalyptus and mint. It smells almost like the Norwegian lozenges Dent. Dry on the palate. The oak is very prominent. Some spices. Cardamom and white pepper. The finish is watery and dry. Peanut shells and oak. Definitely not a complex whisky. There is nothing wrong with it, but the oak is too dominating and there is not much else happening, as I said.

My score: nose 20 / taste 19 / finish 19 / balance 19 = 77

Thanks, Patrik!

– Tone


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