Lochlins Blended Scotch Whisky

The Ladies’ Share chose a special theme for our last meeting in 2016: The cheapest whiskies at the state monopoly (and a couple of cheap whiskies from abroad). We wanted to see if cheap whiskies can be just as good as the more expensive ones. To us the answer was a clear NO! Well, in the coming weeks I will take you through my tasting nose of the seven cheap whiskies from that evening. Starting with my “winner”: Lochlins.

Lochlins is a blend made of Scotch whiskies, a vatted malt. I have not succeded to find information about which whiskies are included. It is bottled for Norway by Accelerate Brands AS. The price is NOK 229 for 50 cl at 40 ABV. It comes in a plastic bottle…classy 😉

Gentle on the nose. Bananas and vanilla ice cream. Candy chocolate with banana filling, Woody. Juniper – it actually reminds me a bit of gin after a while. A bit malty. Smooth and cold on the palate. Eucalyptus, sour candy and juniper. Caramel and some spices on the finish. Quite warm. Ginger, alcohol and burnt caramel. Dent throat lozenges with eucalyptus. One of the Ladies said: Dent is better! It has no taste of alcohol 😉

My score: nose 19 / taste 19 / finish 18 / balance 19 = 75

I am happy I brought a sample back home. When I had the chance to taste the whiskies separately instead of many in a line-up, Lochlins turned out to be even “better”.

– Tone

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